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From large plumbing jobs to land excavation jobs, Daugherty's Services, Inc. provides it all with affordability, ease, and speed.

Professional plumbing excavation Water and Sewer Utilities

Find all your industrial services in one place when you choose Daugherty's Services, Inc. Our trained and experienced team gets any project off on the right foot and finishes with success. Whether you need land cleared, your septic system cleaned, or plumbing repairs in your home or business, you know where to turn. Even when it comes to safety we make sure we get it right? With our commitment to providing personal protective equipment and safety training to all our professionals we maintain high safety standards

 •  Fully licensed and insured

 •  In business since 1968

 •  Expert team

 •  FREE estimates

 •  Large selection of plumbing supplies

 •  All employees are OSHA and MSHA certified

 •  First aid and safety training

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